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Experience, Élan and Result-Orientation in Technical Communication

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I am:

a Telecommunications Engineer – Diploma (UAS) / Dipl.-Ing. (FH) – with many years of experience Technical Communication and with professional practice as embedded software developer. I am Linux-certified and a member in a professional organization.

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  • I have years of experience in:
  • I am a certified Linux administrator LPI: LPIC-1 (proof),
  • member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),
  • currently in a freelance assignment
  • and expected to be available from September 2020.

I am offering:

talent and enthusiasm for texts, experienced handling of professional text and graphics tools as well as several XML based content management systems. I have experience with the relevant documen­tation standards; markup, style and script languages, and with Linux in server and desktop environments. My English is business fluent. I am team and project oriented, able to think in entrepre­neurial terms and have experience with enter­prises of different sizes.

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I want:

topics that require engineering knowledge, like software, networks or electronics and challenging writing tasks, gladly also with English.

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  • Working with texts and documents for international end customers;
  • in the areas:
    • text copywriting, maintenance and proofreading,
    • usability and software tests,
    • XML-based workflows.

I am looking for:

a challenge as an engineer in technical communi­cation, starting September 2020, in a civilian high-tech company; in the sectors electronics, embedded soft­ware, networks, GNU/Linux, regener­ative energy or electrical engineering.

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  • An opportunity to think in entrepreneurial terms – without executive functions.
  • A long-term employment in full-time
    • in a medium-size company – 100…2,500 employees,
    • with an open work environment and a progressive management;
    • in the region Stuttgart/Rems-Murr district (family reasons),
    • gladly based on a 35 h/week and 30 leave days paid.

I rather do not want:

topics in the sectors plant/mecha­nical engineering or combustion engines.

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  • Non-challenging routine work
  • predominantly compiling 3rd party documents;
  • temporary employment.


This web site is a personal web presence with­out the inten­tion of making a profit. I explicitly pro­hibit any use of my contact infor­mation for adver­tising.
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